Troy plays private event with Ted Oliver Productions – Feb 8th

Ted Oliver Dueling Pianos is the best dueling pianos experience available for your special event. Bar none. An evening with TODP is an unforgettable experience and one that your guests will remember for years to come. Through countless shows, we have developed a format for special event Dueling Pianos that is a different show than the show we perform in Dueling Piano bars. We love the Dueling Piano bars and they are wildly fun with their blue humor and the musical roasting of special guests but this material is not usually appropriate outside of the piano bars. We have developed a format for Dueling Pianos for special events that is every bit as fun as the piano bars but without the risque humor and blue content. This format has been perfected by us and is now the best interactive show your hard earned money can buy, and all of our entertainers are trained in this special event Dueling Pianos concept. Like The Black Eyed Peas say so well: “I Gotta Feeling – that tonight’s gonna be a good night…” With Ted Oliver Dueling Pianos performing for your special event your night will indeed be a very good night