You are currently viewing Katy’s Online Piano Bar! 90’s Night! – 7/24

Katy’s Online Piano Bar! 90’s Night! – 7/24

It’s 90’s night at Katy’s Online Piano Bar! Katy will be playing all your favorite 90’s tunes and chatting with guest, fellow musician, Troy Neihardt.

Just because we’re spending more time at home doesn’t mean we can’t still have a great night out! We bring the nightlife to your living room! (or wherever you choose to watch, but we prefer you don’t take us in the bathroom with you LOL!)

The online piano bar show is a mix of live music online and an online comedy show – perfect for date night or chilling in your jammies! You decide!

Request your favorite songs and sing along at home! We also play really fun games for great prizes and get to hang out and chat! We can be alone together and all have a great time!